Compare contrast silk road indian ocean maritime

Let us write you a custom essay sample on AP World History: Trade with the Mongol east is best known through the adventures of three Italian merchants - Marco Polowith his father and uncle.

The Silk Road was still known for the luxury goods that were shipped across them. If the Swahili city-states were destroyed by the Portuguese invaders, then how can we know so much about the Indian Ocean trade? At one point this canal descends feet in 32 miles; three aqueducts are constructed to carry it over rivers; a tunnel yards long pierces through one patch of high ground.

The merchants working for the company are from East Africa and Asia. Europeans, conversely, developed an appetite for Asian goods like spices and derivative perfumesporcelain, opium, and silks at the very time the Chinese insulated themselves.

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They are also employed in weaving and dying factories, where these commodities are transformed into cloth. Focuses on the ideas and issues that shaped the emergence of the United States including institutional development, cultural transformation, and political evolution.

Significantly, these mines were not very far from the lapis lazuli and spinel "Balas Ruby" mines in Badakhshanand, although separated by the formidable Pamir Mountainsroutes across them were apparently in use from very early times. Their rulers built naval colleges and they lionized their explorers — men like Bartholomew Diaz and Vasco de Gamawhom they buried in cathedrals with sailing ropes carved into the ceilings.

Even before that voyage, the Chinese had geographic knowledge as far west as Africa, as seen in this map. The large expansion of the Silk Road to serve more merchants than before.

Very rarely were bulk and perishable goods, like food or timber, shipped across the road. Leung is an independent China strategist. Analyze continuities and changes in trade networks between Africa and Eurasia from circa C.

The Chinese Mongolian invasion of Persia in forced Muslims there to tolerate outsiders and other religions, including Christian traders from the west.

Interracial marriages were not uncommon, and gradually over the centuries, a new and distinct ethnic group developed, known as the Swahili.

The Indian Ocean Trade: A Classroom Simulation

The Lost Cities of Africa. Known in French as the bourgeoisiethese businessmen increasingly demanded political representation.Old World globalization and the Columbian exchange: Comparison and contrast.

Uploaded by. informed and complex model of crop translocations along the proto-Silk Road.

What were the social or economic impacts of the silk road?

South-East Asia through the Indian Ocean trade, made interior settlements appear more cosmopolitan and provided exotic foodstuffs that served the display ambitions of. Compare and contrast the source regions of continental and maritime air masses?

Maritime Polar is cool, humid air. Maritime tropical is harm, humid air. continental,tropical is dry,hot air. B Compare the developments & expansions of the Silk Road, Indian Ocean Trade, & Trans-Saharan Trade ( CE) shipping goods by sea using the Maritime Route gained popularity.

What was the role of the nomad along the early Silk Road? What areas were linked by the Indian Ocean Maritime System? Compare travel in the Mediterranean to travel in the Indian Ocean.

Compare and contrast the Tang tribute system and the Aztec tribute system. Compare and contrast the political, religious, economic, and social institutions of early civilizations of the Near East, Egypt, South Asia, China, and the Americas.

4. the “Maritime Silk Road” since ancient times, and that China is China’s “New Silk Road”: A Case Study in EU-China Relations trade zones are established to foster the free flow of with countries on the coasts of the Indian Ocean in ; Kazakhstan, Korea and .

Compare contrast silk road indian ocean maritime
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