Essay on service industry in india

Essay on the Services Sector of India

In the sense of economics, services are any functions or tasks, performed by an individual or a group of individual, for which there is a demand and hence a price is determined if it is available in the relevant market. This transport services are contributing a lot to the GDP of our country and are also responsible for generation of large number of employment both directly and indirectly.

Of this, ships with a capacity of 9. The construction industry in India is now considered as an important indicator of growth and development as it creates a lot of investment opportunities and also raises production capacity across various related sectors.

Although air transport was born in India on February 18, when Henri Piquet, flying a Humber bi-plane, carried mail from Allahabad to Naini Junction, some six miles away, the scheduled services in India, in the real sense, began on October 15, The export potential of India in accounting services could be tapped adequate by such mutual recognition and qualifications.


Recently, the IT and ITeS sector has been facing some challenges like-increasing competition from other countries with incentivized low costs, rising costs in India with wage-push inflation, increasing cost of relevant talent and skilled personnel, infrastructure constraints, risks from currency fluctuations and security, both physical and data related, and rising protectionist sentiments in key markets.

Eligibility — Suitability — Specific Requirements. In respect of health tourism, India is in a better position. This sector is fragmented with a number of major companies involved in construction activities across all segments. They also have auction going on board.

The poor performance of the software companies dampened the mood of the foreign investors and FDI inflow to software sector has fallen sharply.

A comparison of the shares of services in the GSDP of different states and union territories in 12 shows that the services sector is the dominant sector in most states of India. All major credit cards are accepted for availing this facility half an hour after take-off and before landing.

It is also considered as an effective mechanism of employment generator as it has the capacity to create large scale employment both directly and indirectly for different sections of the society and also for different categories of workforce both specialized as well as skilled and unskilled.

Sports is one of the important mode of activities and entertainment. A component of promotion adopted for a particular period to touch the target and withdraw the measures when the time is over is known as sales promotion.

Indian athletes showed a commendable and impressive performance at the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games Presently, foreign investment up to the limit of per cent is permitted in case of foreign publishing houses for bringing out facsimile editions of their own newspapers through their wholly owned subsidiary.

Essay on the Services Sector of India

It was on this day that J. The Government has modified method of calculation of Direct and Indirect Foreign Investment in sector with caps para 4. These numbers most likely understate the overall importance of services for the economy as many services provide inputs to the production process and to other sectors and thus their growth has wider productivity and efficiency ramifications for activities outside of the services sector.

The film industry is also contributing to outsourcing of services such as animation, Visual aids, conversion of 3D, and post production services, to the ICT sector, thus contributing adequately to its growth. So just sit back and enchant yourself with entertainment galore and have a pleasant flight.

In order to increase productivity and efficiency of ports, continuous modernization of ports and up gradation of port infrastructure are very important.

They are the ones who carry out the final transaction. Tourism is considered as one of the important component of services sector. Telecommunication is the fastest mode of communication developed in the country.

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The current legal interpretation of the extant constitutional provisions puts education as a non-commercial activity. The market share of Indian Airlines Sorry, but full essay samples are available only for registered users Choose a Membership Plan vis-a-vis private players is given below.

The share of India in international tourist arrivals was just 0. It is estimated that road traffic in India accounts for 80 per cent of passenger traffic and 60 per cent of goods traffic in the country which is expected to grow further in future. India has a WTO commitment to allocate 12 new bank branch licences per year to foreign banks, subject to a minimum initial capital requirement.

Although FTAs in India grew by 9. By the term trade means exchange of commodities between individuals or groups either directly through barter or indirectly through medium such as money. Duringthere were million domestic tourists recording a growth of The activities under the purview of the service sector are quite diverse.

Trading, transportation and communication, financial, real estate and business services, community, social and personal services come within the gambit of the service industry. One of the key service industry in India would be health and education.

Towards the end of the year, an agreement was reached with the Government of India for the formation of Air-India International Limited to operate international services 50Air-India’s inflight service is globally recognised in the industry for its warmth and personalised service.

Essay on Fast-growing Automobile Industry in India - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Indian automobile industry is a globally one of the largest industries and a key sector of the economy. The automobile industry is one of the prime industry in india and now one of the fastest growing industries in the world in terms of vehicle manufacturing.

India’s IT Services Industry: A Comparative Analysis I n the past decade, India’s information tech-nology services industry emerged as an impor-tant player in the global IT services market. The country’s share of this market, valued at more than $ billion, increased from.

The main jute products are gunny bags, jute cloth, tarpaulins, ropes and cordages (required for cable industry).

India exports jute products to the U.S.A Britain, Canada, Argentina and Russia. Sugar Industry: Sugar has been used in India since a very long time. India produces White sugar, Khandsari and Gur or Jaggery.

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Essay on service industry in india
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