Giordano marketing analysis

So they have to be ready with their update fashionable trends in order to stay in front of the competitors. It means customized strategies should be developed for different countries even within Asia because there are some variations between countries in terms of their economic, cultural and social factors even the people.

They have many competitors in the market such as Esprit, Gap, hang ten, bossini, baleno. Because of the clothes that sells in Giordano too Simple, many competitor or the factory outlet make the imitation clothes of Giordano and sell with the low price.

Giordano really training all the staffs with well, but the key fixed on each person, not all staffs understands how to services customer with well with friendly behave to the customer.

Extensive market research is needed to investigate design and fabric require by the target customer. The challenge for marketing management is to devise a marketing mix that will enable the organization to adapt to its environment in such a way that profit and other objectives are achieved.

This can also be evident in their allocation of investments to expand its retail outlets. Physical evidence Most of the employee in Giordano is very polite because they already get train to handle the customer.

It considered front-line workers to be its customer-service heroes.

Analysis of Giordano Holdings Limited Essay Sample

Excellence in management of operations, logistics and information technology systems: The company has built a solid reputation for friendly, Giordano marketing analysis service in a region where retailers frequently dissuade the customers from trying on clothes.

Performance evaluation done with often at each shop of Giordano and each employee thorough to give good customer service.

For example for geographic they choose country that have tropical weather such as Asia, because they make product that very comfortable to wear in this kind of situation.

Mainstream Giordano brand focusing on quality apparel for men and women. Maintain their award winning customer service techniques. HKSAR is to have a high degree of autonomy, and enjoy executive, legislative and independent judicial power such that the currently enjoyed social and economic systems, lifestyles, right and freedoms will remain unchanged for at least 50 years.

Giordano's opened a Giordano's Woman's Giordano marketing analysis for woman's apparel, Giordano's Junior for the junior market, and a Bluestar Exchange for the budget-conscious customers.

With this information, Giordano can be understand consumer buying paterns. InGiordano started in Hong Kong selling casual clothes manufactured predominantly for the United States market by a Hong Kong—based manufacturer, the Comitex Group.

Giordano's offered "value for money" clothing, with no more than items in a store and 17 core items. The good quality of service and The quality of training of the staff and the transfer of learning to the staff Giordano see its company provide to sell the service and experience.

Init opened its first retail outlet in Singapore. Present in all markets in which Giordano International Limited operates.

At this Giordano Ladies more targeted for of career women or housewife. There are three generic strategies advanced as business strategies Porter: The service orientation and character of a new employee was tested in these workshops.

The good quality of service and The quality of training of the staff and the transfer of learning to the staff Giordano see its company provide to sell the service and experience.

Black, white and neutral make an impression on the natural and strengthen the principle in entirety, Begin from collection and interior there is less is more. Product was only half of what Giordano sells; service was the other half. The average Hong Kong shopper is becoming increasingly brand conscious as the increasing number of competitors in the clothing industry battle to establish their own unique brand equity.

Service was the best way to make customers return to Giordano again and again. The target is make the cutomer feel to like when entering shop giordano,service giordano guarantee all customer greeted with smile, let customer to try infinite, reservasion the product within 3 day, serving marginal stitching and installing clasp free of charge and also conversion policy without boundary time which very liberal.

This can be illustrated by its dedication to training and motivating its front-line staff as well as its no-questions asked return policy.

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There are competitive strenght that Giordano have and that is something unique that differentiates Giordano from other competitor.Marketing Mix analysis Giordano consist a lot of products which are modern simplicity and style, such as shirts, tees, jackets, jeans, shorts, pants, shoes, socks, underwear, scarves, belts, bag and so on.

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Introduction To Marketing “GIORDANO MARKETING ANALYSIS” GIORDANO’S SWOT Giordano was founded by Jimmy Lai in To give his venture a more sophisticated image, Lai picked an Italian name for his retail chain.

SWOT analysis of Giordano. Giordano is known as retailer of casual clothes in south East Asia, East Asia and Middle East. In the first question, it will explain about Giordano Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.5/5(1).

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Giordano marketing analysis
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